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Every country features some interesting facts about how Christmas is celebrated and a link to a National Geographic film spotlighting one or two of the festivals of your chosen destination.

Travel the world and learn about our friends from across the globe, their customs and even learn to say Happy Christmas in another language by exploring further with our World Facts.

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Mardi Gras

Travel to this destination and have a look behind the scenes as 1000’s of people prepare for and take part in Brazil’s annual Mardi Gras Carnival.


Kukeri Dancing

Travel to this destination to view the wonderful costumes that the dancers wear when performing across Bulgaria warding off evil spirits.


Dragon Boat Festival & Harbin Snow and Ice Festival

Travel to this destination to experience two festivals; feel the excitement of the Dragon Boat Festival and wonder at the illuminated ice sculptures of the Snow and Ice Festival as you tour the city of Harbin.



Once forced to go underground, Hula is now a celebrated demonstration of the culture of the people of Hawaii.


Fire Dragon Dancing Festival

Travel to this destination to see behind the scenes of this spectacular festival and then see the dragon’s dance.


Diwali, Fire Throwing Festival & Holi

Travel to this destination to look at three Hindu celebrations that focus on celebrations of light, fire throwing and an explosion of colour.



Travel to this destination to learn about this Jewish holiday that lasts for eight days and eight nights and is celebrated across the globe.


Day of the Dead

Travel to this destination to discover the origins of this Latin American celebration that has become celebrated across the world in recent years.


Lopburi Monkey Festival & Yi Peng

Travel to this destination to find out about the monkeys that have overtaken the village of Lopburi and marvel at the spectacle of Yi Peng and the lanterns are released as part of an ancient festival.

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